Basset Bustle Extravaganza Top Ten FAQ's

There is only a short time left to go until the BIG Basset Bustle Extravaganza at the Copetown Community Centre, May 24th and 25th.

Below are all of the answers to the top 10 questions we get asked about this not-to-be-missed weekend-long extravaganza.  Please read through this carefully if you are attending the Bustle.  Please note Question #8 if you are planning on staying at the Hotel.

1. Why do you call it a weekend long extravaganza when the Bustle is on Saturday?

Yes, it's true.  The Bustle is on Saturday.  However, there is our incredible Bustle kick-off pizza party on Friday night at our wonderful location, the Copetown Community Centre. This spacious facility is just 15 minutes from the hotel, (all are welcome).  Plus, since many of you are staying over the Saturday night, it really is a weekend long event!

Even if you are not staying over, this event will be the big event of your weekend, possibly your year.

2. Do I need to pre-register for the Basset Bustle?

No, there is no need to pre-sign up for the Basset Bustle or the Pizza Party.

There is a Registration booth when you come into the Copetown Community Centre Park on Saturday for the Bustle. Please make sure to check in there.  You can also pre-register at the Friday night Pizza Party.

When you register remember to pick up your charming and complimentary Basset Bustle bandana for the first 200 Hounds.

We will be mailing all BHRO Members a Bustle Kit shortly and we have one on our website ready for you to download, which has everything you need for the Bustle.  Pledge forms, maps/directions and a schedule for the day are available right now at: Bustle Kit link or by clicking below:

Pledge forms
Google Map to Copetown Community Centre

3. What exactly is a Basset Bustle?

Basset Bustle (verb) from the Latin Canine Droolius Congregatio:  A huge group of loveable, very short and drooley dogs gathered together in one place to party and have a fun-filled celebration!

In previous years we have Bustled the bassets in a big parade and marched them to the opening of the event.  This year our Bustle event will be A Parade in The Park where we will march all of the bassets in one long basset-line in the park.  We will have a very special AmBassetDor to be announced shortly.

We are doing everything we can to get the word out to make sure we have more bassets than we have ever had before!  We are also expecting lots of media.  Please don't forget your camera.

4. What can I expect at the Basset Bustle Extravaganza / What type of merchandise will you have?

We have our Big Basset Bustle Parade in the Park to kick-off the event (featuring LOTS of bassets), the big Basset Raffle Extravaganza, contests galore including the very popular Basset Costume Contest, a Big BBQ, merchandise sales, basset games and prizes, nail clipping and much, much more.

You will not want to miss this big day!  All of it takes place in the Copetown Community Centre Park, where all dogs are safe and able to run off leash in this securely gated facility.  We have fabulous prizes and brand new BHRO t-shirts.  And we have some amazing prizes available throughout the day!

5. I don't have a basset, can I still attend?

We get asked this every year. Even though this is the Basset Bustle we are here to celebrate all of our canine companions.

Even if you don't have a dog, want to learn more about Basset Hounds or if you have a basset-wannabe, please join us for the fun -- all are welcome.

Please make sure that all dogs that do attend are friendly enough to get along with other dogs and people.

6. Where is the Basset Bustle located?

Our Bustle HQ is Basset Town, which is actually Copetown located just outside of Hamilton a few minutes from the Hotel (if you are staying there). This is the location for our Friday night Pizza Party as well as the Basset Bustle on Saturday.

This beautiful spot offers indoor and out door space and all of the amenities to ensure all of the people and dogs have everything they need for the the ultimate basset experience.

You can click here for a map, it is quite easy to find and we hope to see you there! Basset Bustle HQ at Copetown

7. Where do my pledges go?

Every penny of every pledge you raise goes directly to helping Basset Hounds that come into our care.  To date over 1,200 bassets have had wonderful new beginnings thanks to your support!  All dogs that come into our care receive all necessary medical care, are assessed and adopted in to their perfect forever homes -- which happen to be many of you who are reading this now!

The Basset Bustle is our largest and most important fundraising event of the year.  Your commitment and generosity in collecting pledges are what makes Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario one of the top canine rescue groups in Canada.  If not for your generosity we could not have helped the many dogs we are asked to help each year.

We know times are tough, but unfortunately that doesn't stop the number of bassets needing good homes, and in fact adds to it.  Every donation, no matter how small, plays a big part in helping us continue to help the hounds.

We encourage you to start collecting your pledges now in support of this important event.  Click below for your pledge form:

Download Pledge Form here!

You can also pledge online by clicking on the link below:

Canada Helps Online Giving

All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt.  Online pledges will get their receipts instantaneously.  Others will be mailed out shortly after the Bustle.  Please ask your supporters to print clearly on your pledge form so we can make sure their receipts are mailed out correctly.

You can also set up your very own personal Giving Page.  Challenge yourself, set a goal, email out the link... you can include your own photos and messages to supporters.  Having a personal Giving Page is a wonderful way to raise pledges.  Please click on the link following to learn how to set one up:    Setting up a Giving Page


NEW on Facebook!!! Please set up your own Facebook fundraising page and share it with all your friends to support the Bassets who need your help. Simply go to the CREATE button at the top of the page and pulldown FUNDRAISER. From there you can select Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario and create your page.

All pages posted on our Facebook page will be shared. Tell the world about your commitment to Basset Rescue!

Some of you have already started your personal Giving Pages and they look awesome.  We hope to see many more in support of this big event.

We encourage you to start collecting pledges today, while there is still enough time before the Bustle.

Through the help of our generous sponsors and contributors we have been able to make sure the enormous cost of the Bustle is primarily covered and all pledges are going directly to help the Basset Hounds.

This year we have pledge prizes for all of those collecting over $110 in pledges plus a GRAND PRIZE to the highest pledge collector!

8. I am planning on staying at the hotel. Can I still book my room?

We have set aside a block of rooms at the pet and people friendly Mohawk Residence and Conference Centre, just a few short minutes from the park.  The very modest room rates, which include breakfast, also feature oversize rooms and lots of green space for the dogs.


Hotel details are as follows:

Mohawk Residence & Conference Centre
245 Fennell Avenue West
Hamilton, ON L9C 7V7
Tel: (905) 385-3200

**Please note:  Mohawk has implemented a per night pet fee to cover additional cleaning costs.  This fee is normally $20 but has been discounted to $10 per night for BHRO.

For individual reservations please call 1-855-782-9722 (open 24 hours) and ask to be transferred to Hamilton, or call direct at 905-385-3200.  Please quote the block number #731730 (or Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario).

You may also reserve online. To do so:

Rooms will be held until the morning of April 30th, 2019.  Limited space is available at the above rate so please book as soon as possible.  Time is running out.

9. Is there still time to volunteer to help at the Bustle?

Yes. Please email Mindy at  We always have volunteer spots available and in fact could use a few extra.

10. Why would anybody want to miss this weekend?  (OK, I added that one in myself.)

Quite simply, they wouldn't!!!

Please visit our Facebook Page at and sign up for emails to learn about any breaking news


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