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**Please note:   Many of our bassets do not make it to our web site.   If we have an approved adoptive family who we feel would be a good match, we contact these families first.   If you are interested in adoption, be sure to complete our adoption application which can be found at this link, to be approved for our waiting list.



We are so sad to share the news that we lost our sweet little Leroy very suddenly and unexpectedly to hemanigiosarcoma. Leroy had been in the care of his wonderful foster mum, Sherri since last June. The right home for Leroy just never came around and now we know that was because he was meant to stay with Sherri.

Leroy had a rough start in his far too short life, but with Sherri's dedication, compassion and loving care, he came so far. We are so thankful Leroy knew such love for the time he was with us and in Sherri's care.




This appealing hound is part angel, part devil. Impish and playful, with dark eyes that gleam and a mouth that grins. In fact, give him a toy, and hell let it hang casually out of the corner of his mouth before he starts playing with it.

Louie may be 7 years old, but hes still fueled by some unspent puppy energy, which he happily burns off by going for long walks and by running around the backyard chasing a ball. Preferably by himself. Likeable Louie is his own man, so to speak, an independent spirit. He prefers to meander and roam, sniff and explore at his own pace, in his own time. Busy-ness is just not his thing. He does play well with other dogs, however, and thrives in the company of an easygoing human whose temperament matches his own, and whos always there when its loving and cuddling time.

What Louie needs and wants is a calm, secure and tranquil environment, where he can continue to meander and roam, sniff and explore at his own pace, in his own time. A home with a yard, preferably with a single, calm and laid-back pet parent to love him, rub his belly, and, naturally, give him that toy.

If you can give Louie that secure, calm and loving environment he will be your best friend. Please contact Basset Rescue if you have an approved adoption application on file or please fill one out if you would like to learn more about him.

Lulu #2


Lulu is a lovely girl, probably 3 to 4 years old looking for a family to love! Her foster mum writes the following:

The first I have to say about Lulu, is be prepared to fall in love. She is almost perfect, the type of dog most people want, but have to work at. She's quiet, well behaved and she gets along with everyone and everything.

She's currently living with our Chi, who is her best friend. They eat, sleep, play and go outside together. Our female basset isn't thrilled with her, but Lulu learned very quickly to just give her her space and everything is fine. Lulu is indifferent to the cat and doesn't bother with him at all. She's not to sure what to make of the birds but does like to sit and watch them every once in a while.

Lulu prefers males to females, but isn't really one to sit and cuddle. She loves to play with the Chi but hasn't quite figured out the human to dog play thing and doesn't seem too interested in it either way. Lulu whines whenever my husband leaves the room but is easily distracted and quickly forgets he's gone. I've only heard her bark a couple of times, both times she was playing.

We've had the grandkids over. Lulu has never tried to jump on us adults, but she jumped on the kids immediately. This behaviour will need a bit of work, but she really just wants to play with the kids as she adores them.

Lulu greets everyone that comes to the house as if they are her best friend. Her tail is wagging non stop and she is always happy.

Lulu hasn't soiled in the house once and hasn't made any mess or done anything wrong in the entire time she has been with us. Lulu asks to go outside and lets you know when she wants back in by whining. She loves to be outside but prefers it when her friend the Chi is with her. We haven't had a lot of opportunities to walk her but this is an area where time will be needed. She pulls like crazy and she's strong as an ox.

I think anyone would be darn lucky to have Lulu. My personal recommendation for Lulu is that she is placed in a nice busy household with lots going on. She'd be best suited where there are kids and at least one other dog. I think she'd be lonely if she were the only dog, especially if she's to be left alone while her people go to work/school.

If you can give Lulu the wonderful home she so deserves, please complete our adoption application or contact Basset Rescue if you have an approved adoption application on file.



Information on Lulu coming soon!



Info on Toby coming soon!



Info on Buggs coming soon!



Information on Maya coming soon!




Chuck will be going into a trial situation!




Tommy is in a trial situation!



Groucho is in a trial situation!


Duke is in a trial situation!

Courtesy Listing ~ Adopt-a-Pet Pet Rescue



Annie is a darling 4 to 5 year old girl in need of a new home. She gets along with everyone and everything! Whoever adopts this sweetheart will be fortunate indeed! You can read all about Annie at

Annie is with Adopt-a-Pet Pet Rescue near Walkerton, ON and is being fostered and adopted out by them. All adoption info can be found on the Adopt-a-Pet website at

Stay tuned for more bassets coming soon . . .

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