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**Please note:   Many of our bassets do not make it to our web site.   If we have an approved adoptive family who we feel would be a good match, we contact these families first.   If you are interested in adoption, be sure to complete our adoption application which can be found at this link, to be approved for our waiting list.




Hello my name is Syd, Iím a 15 month old neutered male basset.

I was given up due to some behavioral issues, I would steal things I shouldnít have and if my owners or their children would try to take it from me, I would growl and bite them. I mainly did this for attention.

I currently live with my foster mom and dad, and a foster brother malamute and basset sister. I get along with my foster siblings so well, and I have learned a lot from them. I love snuggling with them and I continue to take a lot of behavioral direction from how they behave. This is why it is very important I live with other dogs. I love them soooo much!!! Sometimes I have to be given a time out because my foster brother and sister no longer want to play. An older dog that is no longer playful likely would not enjoy having me in the house.

I am very active for a Basset Hound. I have quite a bit of energy and enjoy playing and walking A LOT. As long as Iíve gotten the proper exercise/stimulation throughout the day, Iím very easy going. I go for two big walks (anywhere between 45-90 minutes) a day. If there is a day when I get less activity than I require, I can be very hyper.

Iím still very much a puppy and thrive on direction, and can be demanding when I need something. But I LOVE to snuggle and give kisses, and Iím very cuddly and love belly rubs.

I have shown aggression when guarding an object but my foster mom would hesitate to say Iím an aggressive dog. Other than when guarding Iím not aggressive whatsoever. Should an aggressive incident take place, I will cuddle with you again moments later. I havenít shown any aggression since Thanksgiving weekend. My guarding is manageable and I will now go away and leave an object in exchange for a treat. In order to not reward the bad behavior with a treat, my foster parents practice having me come away from the item, perform something obedient such as 'sit' or 'down' and then Iím given a treat while they pick up the item.

I prefer to take direction from females and listen better to females. I still LOVE males but often am naughtier when males are around. I am never left alone without being crated. Iím not destructive with my blankets/toys when in my crate.

I sleep on my own bed which my foster parents will send with me when I get adopted. I get very high and mighty when allowed on the furniture so itís very important to not allow me on the furniture.

When routine changes significantly I struggle to maintain my good behavior and need to have more direction. Iím OK when people come over but again, I require more attention than when it is just my foster parents at home.

My foster parentís think the ideal home for me will be a home that already has dogs, maybe a couple or individual with no children. I really need to be made a priority as Iím very much still like a puppy. An ideal home will be one that understands that patience and routine are really, really important and one that is looking for an active dog. The family must understand that they are getting a dog that is amazing, loving, and super adorable BUT is going to require obedience training and hard work to make me the wonderful dog that I know I can be!

If you are that family please complete an adoption application. Or if you already have an approved application on file, please email and let them know you are interested in me, Syd.




Hello my name is Maya, I'm a 9 year old female, spayed basset. I originally came to Basset Hound Rescue just over two years ago. Before that I lived outside and was strictly used for breeding. I've come a long way in two years. For starters I didn't realize that it was outside that a lady was supposed to do her, ahem, business. My family worked really hard with me to understand and I now ring a bell at the door to signal my need to go outside. The only catch is, once I ring the bell, I want to be let out shortly after. If you make me wait, I may have an accident on the floor.

I had a few UTI's when I was first adopted. My family had x-rays done to confirm there are no stones in my bladder. I now take a cranberry supplement twice daily, and have not had a UTI in a long time. I have minor allergies which my family has under control, they give me a prescription antihistamine which works really well for me. During allergy season (spring and fall) they increase my dose to twice a day instead of once a day. My family has me on a vegetarian diet but will be switching me to a kangaroo/oatmeal diet since I require a bit more protein in my diet.

Since I've had so many litters of puppies, I have a bit of loose skin on my belly where moisture can get trapped. This can sometimes cause a slight fungal infection but it's easily treated/prevented by washing my belly once in awhile with an antifungal shampoo called dermazole and wiping my belly on a regular basis with malacetic wipes.

I do have very minor separation anxiety, so I'm better off crated or confined to a small space when you leave me by myself. I won't bark when you leave but if you happen to leave paper or Kleenex lying around I can't resist ripping it up. I'm a basset so if you leave food or anything food related within my reach, I will consider it mine. It's probably best if I have something I shouldn't that you offer me a treat to encourage me to drop what I have.

I currently live with 3 other bassets, 3 cats and a 16 month old human. I get along with all of them very well however in the beginning I had some issues with the other female basset. I can't help that I want to be the top diva of the house. We managed to work it out though so other then in the beginning we all get along amazing.

I did have an incident with my 16 month old human, which wasn't my fault. I was laying on the floor and she accidently stepped on me. This hurt me very much and I went to bite her but showed great restraint and just mouthed her instead. My family wasn't really upset with me but decided to watch my interaction with my 16 month old human more closely. I was still upset that she stepped on me so when she approached me a second time from behind I got on the defensive and went to bite her again. My family was able to intervene so no one was hurt but because of this my family is very concerned about my interaction with my 16 month old human. My family thinks I was just trying to put her in her place as if she was a dog but unfortunately she's not a dog, she's a little person.

My family talked to our behaviourist and it was determined that since I'm getting older, this busy environment (which is only going to get busier), is probably not the ideal environment for me. It would be in my best interest (as well as that of the humans) if we found me the perfect forever home.

I really am an extremely docile basset who loves belly rubs, and I enjoy walks as long as they're not to long. I love to sleep, and I have one stuffed toy whom my parents call my baby. I carry it around with me everywhere.

If you have a quiet home where I can enjoy belly rubs, short walks, and of course my beauty sleep, then I'm your gal! If you have visiting children, it's easy enough to keep me in an area where I won't be bothered.

If you think I am the gal for you, please complete an adoption application. Or if you already have an approved application on file, please email and let them know you are interested in me, Maya.



I am the ever fabulous Doozer. I'm between 7-10 years of age and an international traveler as I was born in Hong Kong. My family adopted me when they lived abroad. Before them, I was part of a sad puppy mill. Initially I had trouble walking but with gentle exercise and a food with glucosamine, I have really improved my gait. I still don't like going for long walks and will refuse to go any further if I'm feeling tired. So I'm great for a family who likes shorter walks. My walk is the favorite part of my day, other than mealtime that is. I am truly a basset.

I love, love, love to sleep and would be perfect for a family that wants a relaxed, low key dog. I only bray if the kids are crying, or if I'm surprised by a door bell. I am completely housetrained and can be left alone during the day. I will nibble on socks or tissue if left within my reach. I am a bit of an indiscriminate eater, so occasionally I eat something that upsets my tummy and unless someone is readily available, I don't make it outside in time. The vet tends to prescribe antibiotics to help me with my upset tummy.

I love other dogs and I like cats as well. I often play with the cat I live with. I'm shy when you first meet me, especially if you're a man, but I warm up quickly. I'm very scared of lightning and fireworks. I just want to be near my family when it is happening for comfort.

The reason I need rehoming is no fault of my own, but to keep everyone safe, I'm looking for a new family. The 2 year old toddler fell off the couch onto me while I was sleeping. I was so shocked that I bit him. My hope is that a family with older or no kids is looking for a companion like me. I also had one incident when I nipped someone during a really crazy moment. There was many things going on and my family thinks I was simply trying to tug on that person's clothes which is something I used to do (but which my family has worked hard to discourage).

I'm a really lovely older gentleman, looking for a family who wants a super chill fella like myself.


If you are the perfect family for Doozer, please complete an adoption application. Or if you already have an approved application on file, please email and let us know you are interested in Doozer.




Buzz is back.

Buzz is a 8 year old (educated guess, since he came in as a stray) male tri colored basset. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. These are the facts now about Buzzy.

Buzz came from a terrible past, he came in starving, ears and eyes infected, and was attacked by another dog, which developed a fear of other dogs. He is now happy and healthy, and a bouncing 57 lbs. He has learned to trust other dogs, but is really not interested in them, he would rather be with people.

Buzz is a pretty laid back dog, who only barks, when its supper time, or when his foster mum comes home. He is totally housetrained. He is pretty lazy, like many bassets, and prefers to snooze on the end of the couch. Buzz knows his name and actually comes when he is called. He does enjoy his walks, and is pretty good on leash.

Buzz is really just looking for a friend, not a master. He does not like being pulled by his collar, and is a bit sensitive around his ears. He has an ongoing issue with his ears, but with meds, they are kept under control.

Buzzy is a loving dog who just needs lots of patience and kindness. He has some food allergies but his shampoo helps keep them in check, and him comfortable. He is very food driven, and loves his treats.

Buzz is like an onion, so many layers. He is a wonderful loving boy, who is just looking for a quiet patient loving home without children.

If you can give Buzz the kindness, patience and love he so deserves, please complete an adoption application. Or if you already have an approved application on file, please email and let them know you are interested in Buzz.




Abby is a very sweet 6 or 7 year old girl in need of love. Abby's life was not an easy one before coming to Basset Rescue. But in spite of her past, all she wants is a comfy spot to lay her head, someone to give her the regular care she needs, along with lots of love.

Abby has a condition called sebaceous adenitis which means that her hair folicules do not produce the oils necessary for healthy skin and fur growth. Regular oil dips and bathing are necessary to keep Abby comfortable, and to keep her skin as healthy as can be. Secondary skin infection is always a possibility with this condition which is another reason it is important to keep to the oil and bathing regime. Abby does not mind her regular treatments - it likely helps her feel good.

Abby is a laid back, lovely girl who currently lives with other dogs and with cats. She would likely do fine as an only dog as well. She would do best in a home without children and with someone who doesn't mind her choosing her comfy spot on the couch.

Adopting Abby will definitely require a regular maintenance commitment but she will return that commitment in love a hundred-fold.

If you are able to give this adorable girl the care she needs to truly thrive, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please email and let us know you are interested in Abby.



Our sweet Lumpy Muffy will be staying with her foster family for now.

Courtesy Listing - Sit With Me Dog Rescue

Albus Dumbledore


Albus Dumbledore
Basset Hound (mix?)
1.5 years old

Dogs: Yes, playful please!
Cats: Unknown.
Kids: Okay to visit supervised but not to live with.
Attached Housing: No, I like to sing the song of my hounds
Fenced Yard: Securely fenced in, required
Needs: Someone home more often, breed experience ideal

Don't let my gorgeous mug fool you. I am trouble. My foster thinks I am magical, thus the name, both cause I get into lots of trouble but she still loves me a bunch. She also thinks I have fairies that live in my ears because even though she puts stuff way out of my reach, I still manage to find it all and then chomp chomp, yum! So if you value items, make sure they are put away, or I may bless them with my drool and teeth marks (I personally think everything looks better with my drool!).

I love wrestling in the fenced in yard with my young foster dog buddies. We are a pretty silly crew of bumbling fools. Sometimes we do cartwheels and sometimes, when I can't catch them, I bark at them to try to distract them. It does not work. So if they come close enough, I nip their bums. They don't mind, but my foster mom says my new home will need dogs that are as easy going and that want to play! I also like my walks, cause sniffing new smells is still the best thing. Everyone wants to stop and say hello, which is fine, but they sometimes are insulted that I keep on keeping on with the smelliness of the world :)

I am clean in the house, but I have an occasional accident if I am left a little too long. I have definitely improved as I get used to the schedule. I think ideally though, I would really like someone home more often so we can ensure I get out more often. I also need work on the fact that I REALLY love my bones and I do guard. I will trade for other yummy treats, but the solution here is to keep working with me on this by trading and working on the leave it command. Punishing me is not the answer as that might eliminate my growl and that is never a good thing! Because of this, kids in the home is not a good idea. I give up lots of other items to people but those really yummy bones just mean so much to me. If I learn to trade, my foster mom thinks I will be the best kid in town. She might be exaggerating, but I doubt it.

So I know this is a longer profile, but it is important that I find a loving home that has lots of patience, a safe place to keep their goodies away from me, someone home more often, a single family home, securely fenced in yard, willingness to work on my resource guarding, maybe attending some fun dog classes with me, and someone who will not give up on me and cuddle me often. Add in a home with breed experience, and this home would be nothing short of perfect for me! Email only if you are serious and meet the criteria please, so we can hook up and I can be in my forever home soon!

Albus Dumbledore is in the care of and being placed by Sit With Me Dog Rescue. To learn more about Albus, please visit Sit With Me Dog Rescue or email at:

Stay tuned for more bassets coming soon . . .

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