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**Please note:   Many of our bassets do not make it to our web site.   If we have an approved adoptive family who we feel would be a good match, we contact these families first.   If you are interested in adoption, be sure to complete our adoption application which can be found at this link, to be approved for our waiting list.




Hello my name is Strider and I think I am somewhere between 5 - 7 years old. They don't know for sure as sadly I was found wandering the streets. I'm not giving up my secrets but the rescue folks think I was not treated very well before being found. I'm having a bit of a hard time learning to trust, but all I really want is to feel safe and to have order in my life.

Since coming to my foster home, Iím used to being left alone for 4-5 hours at a time, but my foster parents suspect I may be able to be left alone for even longer.

I love to go for walks so I tend to pull on the leash and follow my nose. I would be best suited in a home where Iím the only dog. I should also be placed in a home where there are no kids. I prefer a calm, steady environment, where my owners can respect that I need my space. I curently live with two cats and get along with them just fine, but if a cat was to get too friendly with me, or approach me while I'm sleeping or eating, I might not care for that.

I love to meet new people but prefer it only be for short periods of time. When my foster parents have guests over that stay for an extended period of time especially at night, I tend to get a bit grumpy and upset. Ideally a home that doesnít do a lot of entertaining would suit me best.

I like affection, but I like it on my terms only. I will come to you to get attention, but I prefer if you don't approach me to give me attention. Even when I come to you for attention, I prefer you only give me so much. My foster parents suggest "the three pat" rule. Thatís where you only pat me 3 times and then stop. I will let you know if I want more than three pats but I will give a growl if I've had enough.

I do pretty good in the car, currently I wear a muzzle for car rides, but I really do enjoy them. I don't care too much for grooming and have to admit I do tend to get a bit defensive for nail trims and ear cleaning. My muzzle makes that much easier on everyone. I did pretty well muzzled while getting my nails trimmed at my vet clinic.

My favourite thing to do is play ball. If you throw the ball, I will run and catch it and bring it back to you. I don't mind if you take the ball out of my mouth but my foster parents are training me to drop the ball and they pick it up with a chuckit and throw it for me again.

I really just need a calm, quiet, low-key home with a simple, regular routine and someone who will be kind, gentle and consistent with me. If you are that person, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please let the rescue folks know you are interested in me.




Hello my name is Buggs, Iím an 8 year old tri-colour spayed female. Iím housetrained and can be left alone for up to 6 hours. Iím good on a leash and I love to go for walks.

I get along with dogs and cats, and although I donít live with children I would be okay with older children. Iím also great with visitors coming to the house.

My foster mom says Iím rather aloof, and I donít ask for a lot of affection. Iím perfectly fine being left alone. I do best if Iím crated for car rides and am great with grooming, nail trims and ear cleaning. I tend to be a bit possessive of my food so it's best if you feed me separately.

I take a daily dose of prednisone as the docs think I have Lupus, but this keeps any issues that may arise in check. They figure I should stay on this for life.

If you are looking for a lovely, slightly older girl who is very easy to get along with, I am the girl for you! You can complete an adoption application to apply to be my forever home, or if you already have an approved application on file, please let the rescue folks know you are interested in Buggs.




Hello my name is Triggs, Iím a 7 year old tri-colour spayed female. Iím house trained and don't mind being left alone for up to 8 hours. I tend to pull a little on walks, but Iím a great listener and learn very quickly. When on walks I allow other dogs to sniff me but I tend to stay close to my foster mom while investigating my surroundings.

I currently live with my foster brother basset, Leroy and enjoy playing with him for short periods of time, mostly I love to cuddle on the couch. As time goes on, I am enjoying his company a little more. I also live with my foster brother cat whom for the most part we ignore each other, that being said I have been caught laying on the couch with him.

I don't mind kids but would do best with kids that are 7 years old and up. My foster mom says to best describe me, Iím a strong willed lady, and given enough time Iím willing to learn and please. When I first came into foster care, I was a little bit cranky but only because I was nervous and uncomfortable, and felt the need to protect myself and assess my new surroundings. Now that Iím comfortable in my new surroundings Iím no longer growly.

I canít get enough affection, and when guests come over I get very happy, excited, and vocal until they acknowledge me. Iím good in the car but I do tend to whine at the beginging and then I settle in just fine. I have so much love to give and to be honest, I tolerate sharing the attention but I wouldnít complain if I was the only dog and received all of the attention.

If you can give Triggs the loving forever home she so deserves, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please let us know you are interested in Triggs.




Hello my name is Winston and I am a 6 year old tri-colour, neutered male. I'll start by admitting I did have a few accidents when I first got to my foster home but after a few days, I got into the routine. I don't mind being left alone for up to 5 hours during the day. And I can last the whole night, usually 7 to 8 hours with no accidents.

I love going for walks and exploring so I tend to pull a bit when on a leash. My foster dad says that given a safe environment to do so, I would do best on a long leash. I love to run and play in the leaves, and although I have a Ĺ acre to explore, I am pretty good at doing my business in the same spot.

When Iím on a leash I will approach new dogs and give a sniff, wanting to play. If I get grumbly with other dogs, my foster dad finds that asserting himself gives me the cue to quit, and my grumbling doesnít escalate. I have come to terms that my foster brother Tobey is head of state status. I will sit beside him while my foster dad gives us both a rub down. If I grumble, a stern "Hey Now!!" usually lets me know to stop being grumbly. Meanwhile, the whole time my tail is wagging.

Iím a bit of a jumper, and get along great with my foster dadís son who is 15 years old. I've also met some young visitors who were 5 and 9 years old. They gave me belly rubs which I thoroughly enjoyed but I did find it irresistible to jump up on them. I was happy as a clam, the kids were a little afraid at first but giggled when they realized I just wanted to play and have some affection.

I tend to jump up on my foster dad, and the visitors who come to our home. My foster dad is working on this, trying to help me understand I really shouldn't do this. Iím not sure if I like cats, as my foster dad doesnít have any. I did live with one in a previous home though.

As for love and affection, my foster dad calls me McLovin, I want it all!!!! My previous owner said that I sometimes get car sick but my foster dad hasnít experienced this with me.

My foster dad has been working with me on my manners and feels I am ready for my forever home.

If you think I would make the best friend you've ever had, please complete an adoption application, or if you already have an approved application on file, please let the rescue folks know you want to take me home!




Hi, my name is Buzz, or rather I was named that when I was picked up as a stray. The docs think I am around 8 years old, and am now a neutered, beautiful boy.

I was in pretty rough shape, when they found me - skinny, bad coat, bad ears, but since BHRO has taken me in I am on the road to being healthy and happy. I am a bouncing 50lbs now, and my coat is shiny, and my ears are all cleared up.

I am very food driven because of my past, but am learning manners and patience, and learning that I am not an only child, and have to wait my turn. My house training is coming along, but I do admit I am not fond of the cold, and do not like to go outside when it's this cold, it really hurts my feet.

I am great in the car. My confidence is building everyday, so my separation anxiety is also improving. After living on the street for a long time, I do have some trust issues, but I am learning to trust more and more.

I admit, I do like a lot of attention, a lot of belly rubbing, a lot of loving. I get along fine with cats, and other dogs. If you have room in your heart to give me a chance at love, look me up. Buzzy Bear (that's what my foster mom calls me).

If you can give Buzz the loving forever home he so deserves, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please let us know you are interested in Buzz.


'Lil' Lucy is a lovely little basset, 7 years young, who through no fault of her own had to live outdoors 24/7 because of allergy issues within the family. Her former home was the only home she knew, but with winter coming on, she needed to find another loving forever home. She is presently in foster care with BHRO and is now up to date with her vaccines, and recently spayed. She is a very healthy little 'princess' Ė she sports a lovely, shiny 'fur coat' and dainty features.

Lucy is a little timid and shy of strangers at first, but it doesnít take long before she is begging for ear scratches and belly rubs. She seems to be overcoming her shyness at her foster home, where there are a lot of people coming and going. Lucy is a very sociable little girl once she gets over her initial shyness. Like all bassets Ė a treat is usually all it takes. She is very gentle and polite taking her treats. Lucy is very food motivated and loves her food. She awaits her mealtimes with much anticipation.

Lucy understands basic commands, including 'Lucy come', sit and stay (sometimes). She loves her walks, and is pretty good on her leash after initial excitement of going for a walk wears off. She is great at the off-leash park as well, preferring to stay close to you, but will run and play with the other dogs in the park once she becomes comfortable. She gets along famously with the other dogs and the cat in her foster home and is good in the car. Oh, and did I mention she loves her treats & food?? She loves being near you, loves belly rubs and is very affectionate. A very easy going gal full of love.

Because Lucy was forced to live outdoors, her potty training is still a work in progress. Although she is coming along very well with this, she is not there 100%. Especially if it is cold or raining outside. She will alert you she needs to go by whining at the door.

Lucy would love a home where she can be warm & curl up for a nice nap, where there are plenty of belly rubs & ear scratches, and of course treats. She loves company and would do well in a home where there are other pet(s).

If you can give Lucy all she deserves for the rest of her life, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please let us know you are interested in her.

Courtesy Listing


Morgan is with a rescue in Quebec. Please contact Laurance directly for more information.

This is Morgan, female, approx. 2 years old, good with dogs, good with children over 6 years old, housetrained, could use some training as she likes to jump up on things, was dumped at a shelter with her two mixed breed pups.

For more information on Morgan and her pups, please contact Laurance by email at:




Harvey is in a trial situation!



Clyde is in a trial situation!



Rosco is in a trial situation!

Stay tuned for more bassets coming soon . . .

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