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**Please note:   Many of our bassets do not make it to our web site.   If we have an approved adoptive family who we feel would be a good match, we contact these families first.   If you are interested in adoption, be sure to complete our adoption application which can be found at this link, to be approved for our waiting list.



Hello my name is Molly, I'm a 6 year old spayed female. I am fully house trained and will bark at the door when I want to go out. I go all night without any accidents, about 8 hours.

I walk on a leash well, although my walking pace tends to be more of a run. My foster mom says I am one fit little girl and full of beans. I really enjoy my walks so two walks a day is ideal. I will respond to the command "come", if you walk me on a retractable leash and I need to be reeled in.

I get extremely excited when I see another dog in the distance, I will pull, and jump around, I am willing to sniff and be sniffed but then I shy away. Guess I am just a little nervous.

Rumour has it (from my previous life that is) that I get a bit crazy when I see cats, but I have seen tons of cats roaming in the neighborhood, and my foster mom has seen no reaction from me.

I am super social and friendly when visitors come over. I absolutely love belly rubs, but I also have my moments when I like to be left alone. I used to let out a little growl when I wanted to be left alone but now I have learned that my bed is my personal space and I won't be bothered. My foster mom knows when I'm on my bed that I don't want to be disturbed, otherwise I will show you my tummy and ask for some lovin'.

I can be a little whiney in the car but my foster mom says that I'm not that bad. I don't particularly care for grooming, nail trims, and ear cleaning but I tolerate it.

I should also let you know that I do have food allergies to chicken and beef, so I have to be fed a specific kind of food. I can also get pancreatitis, and acid reflux so I eat small meals 4 times a day to avoid acid build up in my stomach. This routine works really well for me. And since being with my foster mom there has been no vomiting, diarrhea, or any signs of unwellness at all.

If you would like to rub my belly forever, please send the rescue folks an adoption application. Or if you already have an approved application on file, please email and let them know you are interested in me, Molly!




Charlee is a neutered 9 year-old tri-colour Basset who LOVES people. His laid back approach to life makes him an ideal couch or deck companion. He loves to have your complete attention and his booming voice will let you know when it's time for "Charlee time"!

Charlee gets along well with other dogs, but canine friends are not a priority for him. It's all about his people! Working on the computer? Charlee will nap beside you. Watching a movie? Charlee will curl up on your lap (well, as much as will fit - he does weigh 65 pounds!). Going for a run? He'll wait for you at home! Going for a walk? Charlee is happy to bring up the rear. Having friends over? He will waddle over to welcome them with a cheerfully wagging tail!

Charlee loves to please, but he also has a strong mind of his own (we did say he's a Basset, right?). When he's ready for bed, off he goes. Trying to get him up again will rouse the grumpy old man in him! Charlee is very well house-trained and can be left for a full day's work. He whines and barks when he needs out in the night or early morning.

He does have a tendency to swallow things, so a tidy home will keep both him and belongings safe. Stairs are quite a work-out for this old fellow, but that doesn't seem to stop him from following his favourite people everywhere.

Charlee would do best in a household with lots of action to watch. Children who are at least school-age will adore him and be strong enough to manage him on walks, while also being old enough to be mindful of where they leave their belongings. Charlee is a terrific dog whose affectionate ways will win you over in no time!

If you can give Charlee the loving home this sweet older guy deserves, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please email and let us know you are interested in Charlee.




Hello my name is Buggs, I知 an 8 year old tri-colour spayed female. I知 housetrained and can be left alone for up to 6 hours. I知 good on a leash and I love to go for walks.

I get along with dogs and cats, and although I don稚 live with children I would be okay with older children. I知 also great with visitors coming to the house.

My foster mom says I知 rather aloof, and I don稚 ask for a lot of affection. I知 perfectly fine being left alone. I do best if I知 crated for car rides and am great with grooming, nail trims and ear cleaning. I tend to be a bit possessive of my food so it's best if you feed me separately.

I take a daily dose of prednisone as the docs think I have Lupus, but this keeps any issues that may arise in check. They figure I should stay on this for life.

If you are looking for a lovely, slightly older girl who is very easy to get along with, I am the girl for you! You can complete an adoption application to apply to be my forever home, or if you already have an approved application on file, please email and let the rescue folks know you are interested in Buggs.




Abby is a very sweet 6 or 7 year old girl in need of love. Abby's life was not an easy one before coming to Basset Rescue. But in spite of her past, all she wants is a comfy spot to lay her head, someone to give her the regular care she needs, along with lots of love.

Abby has a condition called sebaceous adenitis which means that her hair folicules do not produce the oils necessary for healthy skin and fur growth. Regular oil dips and bathing are necessary to keep Abby comfortable, and to keep her skin as healthy as can be. Secondary skin infection is always a possibility with this condition which is another reason it is important to keep to the oil and bathing regime. Abby does not mind her regular treatments - it likely helps her feel good.

Abby is a laid back, lovely girl who currently lives with other dogs and with cats. She would likely do fine as an only dog as well. She would do best in a home without children and with someone who doesn't mind her choosing her comfy spot on the couch.

Adopting Abby will definitely require a regular maintenance commitment but she will return that commitment in love a hundred-fold.

If you are able to give this adorable girl the care she needs to truly thrive, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please email and let us know you are interested in Abby.




Hi, my name is Buzz, or rather I was named that when I was picked up as a stray. The docs think I am around 8 years old, and am now a neutered, beautiful boy.

I was in pretty rough shape, when they found me - skinny, bad coat, bad ears, but since BHRO has taken me in I am on the road to being healthy and happy. I am a bouncing 50lbs now, and my coat is shiny, and my ears are all cleared up.

I am very food driven because of my past, but am learning manners and patience, and learning that I am not an only child, and have to wait my turn. My house training is coming along, but I do admit I am not fond of the cold, and do not like to go outside when it's this cold, it really hurts my feet.

I am great in the car. My confidence is building everyday, so my separation anxiety is also improving. After living on the street for a long time, I do have some trust issues, but I am learning to trust more and more.

I admit, I do like a lot of attention, a lot of belly rubbing, a lot of loving. I get along fine with cats, and other dogs. If you have room in your heart to give me a chance at love, look me up. Buzzy Bear (that's what my foster mom calls me).

If you can give Buzz the loving forever home he so deserves, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please email and let us know you are interested in Buzz.



Details on Sam to come.



Details on Muffy to come.



Details on Zoey to come.

Courtesy Listing ~ Compassionate Animal Adoption Rescue


Whiskey is a 5 year old beagle/basset hound looking for a home in the Montreal area. Whiskey was dumped at a high kill shelter due to his family apparently moving somewhere that he could not join them. He is a very friendly dog with both people and other dogs. He is house trained and relaxed and quiet in the home. Whiskey is a bit overweight and, no surprise, doesn't have the best leash skills, but is getting better everyday in foster care by finally getting the regular walks he needs.

If you would like to learn more about Whiskey, please contact Compassionate Animal Adoption Rescue in Montreal at:

Stay tuned for more bassets coming soon . . .

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