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**Please note:   Many of our bassets do not make it to our web site.   If we have an approved adoptive family who we feel would be a good match, we contact these families first.   If you are interested in adoption, be sure to complete our adoption application which can be found at this link, to be approved for our waiting list.



Iím a senior basset (10 y/o) who is looking for an understanding basset experienced owner. My life may not be perfect but I am a loveable guy. I was adopted out once through BHRO but unfortunately I struggled with accidents in the house. In my foster home now I have the ability to go outside to relieve myself in the middle of the night - now I have no accidents! I need a home that understands the needs of a senior basset and that sometimes in our age, we need to get outside more frequently. I am crated when my foster parents cannot be home with me.

I would prefer a home without children as I need some peace in my older years. I have had many of my teeth extracted and therefore prefer softer food to keep my weight up. I am quite content in my foster home and while I may experience a bit of separation anxiety in a transition to a new home; Iím a lover not a fighter and Iím happy to curl up to receive love from most humans. I donít enjoy the car but I understand it is a necessary part of getting to where we want to go!

I do okay with other dogs who are respectful of my space. Iíd love a brother or sister if it is the right match. I would prefer a rural or quiet setting home as I can feel anxious and overwhelmed with busy areas.

If you think you might be able to help me live out my senior years happily, please fill out an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please email and let them know you are interested in Roscoe.




Mr. Beans is a 5/6 year old tri colored male. He is up to date with all his vacs and is neutered. Beansy is a hefty 65 lbs and is losing weight gradually. Those are the facts.

Now about Beans. He is like an onion, there are many layers to Beansy. He is a loving dog, who loves nothing more than being petted or brushed. He has a gentle mouth, and waits his turn for treats. Beans gets along with all dogs, He is totally housetrained and will bark at the door to go out. He has mastered the dog door, but sometimes just likes to see me get up to open the door. Beans drinks out of the toilet and will bark at the bowl to lift the lid so he can reach the water, and unfortunately has taught my other boys how to do it (great). He sleeps in a bed beside my bed, and would gladly get up in my bed if I let him. He is low key for a young dog, and would rather snooze, but does love a good walk. He can be a barker when he wants something. Since he has come here and now trusts us, he runs out to greet anybody who comes to the house.

Now about the other side of Beans. Beans came with a muzzle, which sent up a flag, apparently he had a good family for his first years, but then was passed around multiple times which had a nasty effect on him. I do think he was mistreated somewhere because he has a huge trust issue with people in the beginning, which comes out in an aggressive way, when pushed. It took time for him to trust me and a lot of patience. He does have issues with toys, and is very protective, so my solution is "No Toys". You don't push him, everything has to be on his timeline. I definitely believe no kids, because they could scare him, with bad results.

Going to the vets is an adventure, he hates the vets, and always wearing a muzzle is still a handful when being examined. Beans needs to visit the vet occasionally for nail trims as he requires sedation to have this done. We have also discovered that Beans has some health issues and we are working on finding the right treatment protocol for him.

Beans is a lovely dog, when he gets past his trust issues. He loves me and in that co-operates with me. He is your typical basset, selective hearing, and a bit stubborn, I think who ever adopts him should have a lot of experience with dogs with fear issues and a lot of patience. I think Beans has great potential, if given a chance.

If you can give Beans the patience, the time, and the gentle love he needs, please complete an adoption application. If you already have an approved application on file, please email and let us know you are interested in Beans.




Details on Archie coming soon.

Gracie and Frankie


Details on Gracie and Frankie coming soon.


Details on Igby coming soon.


Details on Lola coming soon.




Buddy will be going into a trial situation.



Morgan will be going into a trial situation.

Stay tuned for more bassets coming soon . . .

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