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Relinquishing Your Basset

If you are not sure about giving up your basset, talk to one of our volunteers. We may be able to give you suggestions or advice that make it possible for you to keep your basset. Contact info can be found on our contacts page.

However if you have decided to give up your basset, please complete the following form IN FULL.

And please keep in mind when completing this questionaire to elaborate on all aspects of your basset, including the negative. Being completely honest and upfront will help to ensure we find the home most appropriate for your basset.

Owner's name:
Owner's address:
City and Province:
Owner's email address:
Owner's phone number:
When is the best time to phone you?
Basset's name:
How old is your basset?
Please include date of birth, or if unknown, approx. age:
Is the basset: Male     Female
Is the basset purebred? Yes      No
Where did the basset come from originally?
Please include the breeder's name and town if known.
Has the breeder been notified?
Is so, what was the breeder's response?
How long have you had the basset?
Please explain fully, your reason for giving the basset up:
Please describe your basset's physical characteristics:
(eg. weight, coloring,etc.)
Is the basset spayed/neutered? Yes     No
When was your basset last vaccinated?
What vaccinations were given at that time?
What is the basset's health status now?
Has the basset had any health problems in the past?
If so, please explain:
Do vet records exist for your basset? Yes      No
What is the name and phone number of the
veterinary clinic that has cared for your basset:
Is the basset microchipped?
If so, please include microchip company and chip number.
Is the basset housetrained? And how does he/she ask to go out?
Is the basset cratetrained?
Is the basset an excessive barker?
How long is the basset used to being left alone?
Does your basset currently live with other animals? If so, please list all:
How is the basset with grooming? (nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing, etc.)
What does your basset currently eat, and how much and how often is he/she fed?
How does your basset react to new people?
Has your basset had exposure to children?  Please explain fully:
(eg. lives with, interacts regularly, interacts infrequently, etc.)
Is your basset good with other dogs?
Please explain if necessary:
Yes      No      Some other dogs
Is your basset good with cats?
Please explain if necessary:
Yes      No      Not sure
Is the basset good in the car?
Please explain if necessary:
Has the basset ever shown any signs of aggression? Eg. snap, nip, growl, show teeth, etc. Yes      No
If so, what were the circumstances? Please explain fully:
Has the basset ever bitten anyone? Yes      No
If so, please fully explain the circumstances of all bite incidents:
Does the basset have any issues/fears/etc. we should know about? Please explain:
Please add any comments regarding your basset: (eg. likes/dislikes, routines, etc.)
Are you able to keep your basset until an appropriate foster home is found?
How far are you willing/able to travel to assist in getting your basset to one of our volunteers?
Are you willing/able to pay a voluntary $75 relinquishment fee to Basset Rescue to help cover expenses of placing your basset? (eg. veterinary and foster care costs, etc.)

In order for us to help place your basset, you must do the following:
  • complete this questionaire IN FULL
  • contact your vet and have them fax the basset's medical records to 519-369-6157
  • send multiple photographs to or by mail to:
    118 Robson Road RR2
    Durham, ON N0G 1R0

Photos should be good quality, clear, closeup, and a good representation of your basset. Keep in mind that people visiting our web site looking to adopt, are first drawn by the photographs.

Once this form has been completed fully, and photographs and vet records have been received, a Basset Rescue representative will be in contact with you.


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