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Foster Application

Foster Home Opportunities Available!

Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario (BHRO) currently has volunteer foster home opportunities available and we'd love to hear from you!

Fostering a basset awaiting his/her adoption is a very rewarding, hands on experience; one that truly makes a difference in the life of a basset in need, and one that we are sure will enrich your life too.

Foster opportunities are available throughout Ontario.  All costs incurred while fostering (food, medical care, etc.) are fully covered by BHRO; all you need to provide is a home filled with love and understanding for your new house guest!

Fostering is the perfect opportunity to meet and share a part of your life with so many comical characters.  Taking part in the happy endings when they find their "forever homes", knowing you brought happiness to the adoptive family and truly gave a special hound a second chance at life is rewarding beyond words.

Fostering can bring companionship into your life, and/or the life of your own dog(s), without the long-term, financial aspect of dog ownership.  Most bassets requiring a foster home, are well adjusted hounds, finding themselves homeless through no fault of their own, but rather a change in their previous owners life such as divorce, a new baby, a new job or re-locating.  BHRO takes great care in placing the right basset into the right home to ensure a perfect match and this extends to foster homes as well.

If you are interested in learning more about our foster program and have a stable, loving home to offer a homeless hound in need, whether it be on a short term basis only, longer term, during emergency situations only, etc., please complete our foster application below. One of our volunteers will be in contact with you soon.

Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario
Foster Home Application

Completing this application does not put the applicant or the rescue group under any obligation. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Application MUST be completed in full.

Contact Information

Name of applicant:
Postal Code/Zip Code:
Home Telephone#:
Work Telephone#:

Family and Home Information

What type of home do you live in? Single detached home   Apartment   Condo   Townhouse   Other
Do you own or rent your home? Own   Rent
PLEASE NOTE:  If you rent, you MUST include the name AND
the contact information for your landlord or property manager.
Name of landlord:
Landlord phone number:
Number of adults in the home:
Do you have any children living in the home? Yes  No
Please list the number and ages of the children living in your home:
Do you have children (eg. grandchildren), visiting your home regularly?
If so, please list their ages:
Does any family member have allergies to animals? Yes  No
If yes, please explain:
Is your yard FULLY enclosed by a fence and gated? Yes  No
Please describe your fencing.
If your yard is not fully fenced, how do you intend to
deal with potty breaks and exercise?
Do you have a swimming pool, pond
or any body of water? Please check all that apply.
Pool    Pond   Other type of water
If you have a pool, pond or any body of water, is it fenced separately from the area
the basset will have access to?   Yes  No

If you currently have pets in the home, please complete the following
to aid us in placing a compatible foster basset in your home:
Please list the age, breed and gender
of other dogs in your home:
Are they spayed/neutered? Yes  No
If not spayed/neutered, please explain why:
How do they react to other dogs?
What is your current dog(s) personality?
Eg. dominant, submissive, indifferent, etc.
What is your current dog(s) activity level?
Eg. couch potato, high energy, playful, reserved, etc.
How does your current dog(s) behave around food, toys,
receiving attention, etc.? Eg. possessive, aloof
Does your current dog(s) have a preference or a dislike
for either male or female dogs?
Does your current dog(s) dislike intact male or female dogs?
Do you have any other pets? If so, please list:
How do these pets react to other dogs?
What has happened to any dogs you have owned in the past?
Have you ever given an animal up? Yes  No
If you've given an animal up, what were the circumstances?

Care of Your Foster Basset

How long would a foster basset be left alone during a typical day?
Would your foster basset have access to a toilet area through the day
while family is absent?   Yes  No
Are you willing to housetrain your foster basset?   Yes  No
Where will you keep your foster basset during the day?
If applicable, where does your current dog(s) stay during the day?
Where will you keep your foster basset at night?
If applicable, where does your current dog(s) stay at night?
How will you alleviate basset boredom during your
absences from the home (eg. while at work)?
Have you researched the basset hound breed to learn about their unique
characteristics, idiosyncrasies and care requirements?   Yes  No
Why are you interested in fostering this breed?
Are there any basset characteristics that you find
unappealing or have concern about?
How do all family members feel about the following...
hound odor:
ear cleaning needs:
tendency to wander:

Fostering Preferences:

Please check all that you may be interested in, or would like further information about:
      -  Emergency fostering (on short term notice)
      -  Short term fostering (up to a couple of weeks)
      -  Longer term fostering (a few weeks or longer)
Would you be willing and able to take a foster basset to a local vet if necessary?
(Note: all expenses are covered by BHRO)   Yes  No
Would you be willing to communicate with screened, potential adopters regarding your foster basset in order to help him/her find the best home possible?   Yes  No
Would you be willing and able to travel any distance
to pick up a foster basset?   Yes  No
If yes, approximately how far?   
Do you have an age preference for the bassets you would
be willing to foster?   
Would you be willing to crate train a basset if necessary?   Yes  No
Do you have an available crate?   Yes  No
Do you have room for a crate should BHRO supply one if necessary?   Yes  No
Would you be interested in fostering and working with a basset with a behavioural issue?
Eg. dominance, food possessive, shy/timid, separation anxiety, etc.   Yes  No
If yes, do you have experience working with behaviour issues?   Yes  No
If yes, please explain:
Is there any specific time of year that you would not be available
or would prefer not to foster? Eg. summer vacation, Christmas holidays, etc.
Please check all that apply if you are interested in any of the following volunteer opportunities:
      -  Transporting bassets to their foster or adoptive homes
      -  Fundraising (special events, t-shirt sales, etc.)
      -  Conducting home interviews with potential adopters

Please add any comments/questions/concerns/etc. you may have:


Please list a veterinary reference, whom we may contact, who knows or has known you and your animals.
Name of Clinic and Veterinarian:
Veterinarian's phone number:

Please list a personal reference, whom we may contact, who knows or has known you and your animals.
Phone number:
** Please inform your references that we will be contacting them. **
** And please give them permission to speak with us. **

Please be advised that a home visit may be required before your application can be approved. We request that all family members be present at this interview.
By submitting this application, you state that all information is true and accurate.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster home!

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