Canadian Basset Rescue Network

In late 1998, a need for an organized Basset Hound Rescue Network in Canada was identified. Several Manitoba Members of the Basset Hound Club of Canada, plus non-member volunteers initiated regional rescue groups. To complement Manitoba's Rescue Chapter, a preliminary network of volunteers in other Canadian Provinces was established. Each volunteer was to be available to assist with any Basset Hound rescues in his/her region. The goal was to place rescues locally in the event that a rescue was returned.

The Daily Drool and the Basset-L, two Internet Discussion Groups for Basset Hound Fanciers, were invaluable tools in the establishment of the Canadian Basset Rescue Network. The American Basset Rescue Groups were very supportive of our efforts. The Canadian Basset Rescue Network is a grassroots non-profit group run solely by volunteers for the love of the breed.

The Canadian Basset Rescue Network provides support for all, in our common endeavor to protect the less fortunate Bassets in this country, as well as to provide information to the public in regards to the commitment and responsibility of Basset ownership. Each representative determines the nature of his or her involvement. Some establish close working relationships with local Humane Societies. Some foster rescued Basset Hounds until "forever" homes are found. Some assist in fundraising activities. The level of involvement is an individual choice. We welcome any level of involvement.

We are always fundraising to build a fund for medical and other immediate care that rescues require prior to be being deemed fit for adoption.

Should anyone wish to volunteer with the Canadian Basset Rescue Network, please contact Laurie Magorel at General inquiries are handled at this email address for all Canadian Provinces, excluding Ontario. For Ontario information and assistance, contact the Basset Rescue of Ontario through their web site,

Detailed information is found at the Basset Rescue of Ontario web site, concerning all aspects of Basset Hound Ownership and the procedure for initiating a request for Rescue adoption. There is an on line Adoption Application available, which can be forwarded to the appropriate Provincial representative upon completion. For Basset Hound Rescue Worldwide, go to:

The Canadian Basset Rescue Network has representation across Canada.

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